APEx CMO Dr. Lee Rogers Describes the New Pandemic Model of Wound Care in AAWC Webinar

Yesterday, Dr. Lee C. Rogers, CMO of APEx, described how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the care of those with wounds during a webinar for the Association for the Advancement of Wound Care (AAWC). The webinar is now available on the AAWC webpage (link: https://aawconline.memberclicks.net/2020-pandemic-model-of-wound-care-webinar). 

Dr. Rogers explained how CMS waivers and relief is helping to create a new pandemic model of wound care where there are shifts in utilization and setting of care.

“Patients with wounds, with their comorbidities, are at the highest risk for the extreme complications of COVID-19, including death, and we must protect them,” Dr. Rogers said.

He laid out how the new model would incorporate better case management of wound patients and provide necessary care in lower risk environments.

“But don’t be afraid to escalate patients to a higher acuity setting if needed,” Advised Dr. Rogers.

APEx Doctors Publish a New Triage System in Podiatry’s Role During the COVID-19 Pandemic

APEx CMO Dr. Lee C. Rogers and consultants Professors David G. Armstrong and Lawrence A. Lavery published a fast-tracked article in the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association titled “All Feet On Deck: The Role of Podiatry During the COVID-19 Pandemic” (link: https://www.japmaonline.org/doi/pdf/10.7547/20-051). The authors propose a new Pandemic Diabetic Foot Triage System which helps discern which setting at what urgency to treat diabetic foot patients. The authors stated that podiatry’s main role will be to “prevent hospitalizations in an overburdened healthcare system, reducing amputations and death in people with diabetes.”

The Alliance of Wound Care Stakeholders Warns of Unintended Consequences if Wound Patients Don’t Receive Necessary Care During Pandemic

Certainly the pandemic has significantly impacted the delivery of healthcare in many fields, but those with chronic wounds receiving care in hospital outpatient departments may be uniquely affected.  The spread of COVID-19 across the world has led to governments, organizations, payers, and hospitals calling for triage and postponement or cancellation of non-essential medical services to limit transmission risk and save supplies for pandemic patients.

The Alliance of Wound Care Stakeholders (link: https://www.woundcarestakeholders.org/), an advocacy group in Washington, DC, has issued a statement (link: https://www.woundcarestakeholders.org/images/Final2_Statement_-_Wound_Care_as_Essential.pdf) warning of the potential consequences of delaying or cancelling necessary care for patients with wounds:

“Hospital outpatient-based wound care departments have been placed in the non-essential group by many hospitals. The Alliance of Wound Care Stakeholders is concerned that this decision will result in unintended negative consequences that will cause a gradual influx of patients to the emergency department (ED). Nonhealing wounds, left untreated and unmanaged, can result in significant medical issues including infection, sepsis, the need for limb amputation, and even death. As a result, many procedures provided by wound clinics are essential – not elective – to protect the health of patients and prevent an escalation of their disease.”

The Alliance recommends leaving clinics open to manage complex wounds in clinically complex medical patients who are at risk for limb loss, hospital admission, amputation or infections, in order to prevent over-utilization of health services during the pandemic.

World Union of Wound Healing Societies Meeting Postponed Due to Coronavirus

Unfortunately, due to the spread of the novel Coronavirus, the WUWHS meeting in Abu Dhabi has been postponed. We wish you all safe and healthy times in the upcoming days. We are also available to participate in one-on-one video conferences by Zoom to discuss your needs in establishing a Center of Excellence in wound care or limb salvage. Please contact us here: https://apexhealthnetwork.com/contact-apex/

Visit APEx at the World Union of Wound Healing Societies

APEx CEO Miguel Sandoval and CMO Dr. Lee Rogers will be attending the World Union of Wound Healing Societies in Abu Dhabi UAE from March 8-12, 2020.  We invite you to make an appointment to visit with us about how we can help you build your Center of Excellence for diabetic foot care and limb salvage.

APEx can give you the tools to support your existing center, or start a new center, such as evidence-based pathways, policies and procedures, quality assurance, and performance improvement. We can help with the design of the new center physical space, implementation, and provide on-site education and training.

For more information see this our Start a Center page (link to page) or to make an appointment for an in-person or Zoom meeting, contact Dr. Rogers at rogers@apexhealthnetwork.com.